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Signing of the Agreement on Co-operation for the Establishment of Telemetry, Tracking and Telecommand Station for Satellites and Launch Vehicles and for Co-operation in the Fields of Space Research, Science and Applications between India and Mauritius

1. An Agreement between India and Mauritius for the establishment of Telemetry, Tracking and Telecommand Station for Satellites and Launch Vehicles and for cooperation in the field of Space Research, Science and Applications was signed on December 26, 1986 and since then the Telemetry, Tracking and Telecommand (TTC) Station located in Bigara has enjoyed the fullest cooperation from the Government of Mauritius in the discharge of its duties. Need was felt to continue the bilateral co-operation in different areas of remote sensing applications relevant to Mauritius, and other fields of space research, science and application; and to extend this cooperation for further periods; and also to modernise the TTC station to meet current requirements. An inter-governmental Agreement was signed today, July 29, 2009 between the High Commissioner of India to Mauritius, Shri Madhusudan Ganapathi on behalf of the Government of India and Permanent Secretary, Prime Minister's Office, Mrs. K.O. Fong Weng-Poorun on behalf of the Government of Mauritius. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is the Executive Agency to carry out the activities under this Agreement along with agencies and personnel identified by the Government of Mauritius from time to time.

2. The Government of India has decided, as a matter of policy, to share its experience and expertise in space activities with other friendly developing countries. The Government of India may assist in the training of scientists and technicians, upon request from Mauritius, at various facilities under the Department of Space in the use of remote sensing data in applications relevant to Mauritius. The Government of India may also provide, upon request, technical assistance for the establishment of a remote sensing cell or unit in Mauritius, selection of equipment and training of staff and operationalisation of the Station. A Mauritian scientist shall be attached to the TTC Station.

3. Reception of remote sensing data covering Mauritius from Indian Remote Sensing Satellites to be launched by India will be possible at a ground station proposed to be set up by ISRO at Mauritius, after suitable augmentation of the facilities. The new facility shall be named as Mauritius-II. The Government of Mauritius may provide assistance to the Government of India in the operations and maintenance of ISRO's Mauritius-II ground station for remote sensing data reception, processing and allied facilities and dissemination of remote sensing data collected over Mauritius-II ground station to the data users in Mauritius.

4. The entire cost of equipment, buildings and the telecommunication facilities including installations and local cost of the TTC station is borne by the Government of India. The signing of the Agreement reflects the firm commitment and continued engagement of the Government of India in further developing, consolidating and expanding the comprehensive multifaceted cooperation between India and Mauritius.

Port Louis
July 29, 2009.

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