FAQs on undergraduate Medical Education in Mauritius India - Mauritius

FAQs on undergraduate Medical Education in Mauritius

FAQs on undergraduate Medical Education in Mauritius

Question 1- What is the duration of a Medical Doctor Degree or MBBS in Mauritius for local students?  

The duration of MBBS course in Mauritius is 5 years plus 18 months of Pre-Registration Training. 

Question 2- What is the duration of a Medical Doctor Degree or MBBS in Mauritius for foreign students? 

There are 2 Medical Colleges in Mauritius, namely SSR Medical College and Anna Medical College.  The duration of the course in medicine leading to the award of an MBBS degree is of 5 years duration in both medical colleges. 

The duration of the course is uniform for all students i.e. whether local students or foreign students. 

(Aspirants are also advised to approach the above mentioned two Medical Colleges for further clarification, if needed)

Question 3 - What is the Language of instruction for a Medical Doctor Degree or MBBS in Mauritius (English or other language)? 

Both Medical Colleges teach in English Medium (English in the Official language in Mauritius). 

Question 4 - What is the provision & Duration of Internship? 

All local students graduating with an MBBS degree from any of the 2 colleges are entitled for provisional registration as Pre-Registration Trainees to enable them to undertake their internship in Regional Hospitals in Mauritius. 

The duration of the internship (Pre-Registration Training) is 18 months. 

Question 5 - Can an Indian student obtain a license to practice in Mauritius and is this at par with the Registration granted to local citizens in Mauritius? 

All Non-citizens who are medical practitioners (an MBBS graduate who has completed the course and is registered under the Indian Medical Council) and who intend to practice medicine in Mauritius must produce a work permit or an exemption from holding a permit under the non-citizens (Employment Restriction) Act or an Occupation Permit under 26 (1) (a) of the Medical Council Act. 

This provision would apply to Indian Medical Practitioners as well. 

Except for the above, all application for registration whether emanating from locals or non-citizens will be processed in the same manner and determined according to the Medical Council Act 1999 as amended. 

Question 6- What is the complete Process of Registration in Mauritius? 

The complete process of Registration in Mauritius is elaborated under Part III of Medical Council Act 1999, as amended.  The Act may be viewed from the website of the Medical Council of Mauritius at website address:  https://medicalcouncilmu.org 

Question 7 –Is there any licensing exam in Mauritius and if Yes, in which language? 

Yes, there is a licensing examination for undergraduates called Medical Registration Examination (MRE).  This examination is held twice yearly prior to registration as general practitioner (under section 22(1) (ca) of the Medical Council Act). 

Additionally, an assessment is conducted by the Postgraduate Medical Education Board for registration as a specialist (under section 23 (1) (b) of the Medical Council Act).  Successful candidates are registered as specialists. 

All examinations/assessments are conducted in the English language. 

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