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73rd Anniversary India's Independence Day Reception

73rd Anniversary
15 August 2020


High Commissioner Tanmaya Lal

Hon. President of the Republic of Mauritius Prithvirajsing Roopun Ji
Hon. Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth
Hon. Vice President Cyril Marie Eddy Boissezon
Hon. Deputy Prime Minister Steve Obegadoo
Hon. Chief Justice Ashraf Caunhye
Hon. Speaker of the National Assembly
Hon. Former Presidents & Prime Ministers present this evening
Hon. Vice Prime Minister Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun
Hon. Minister for Foreign Affairs Nandkumar Bodha
Other Hon. Ministers present
Hon. Leader of Opposition Dr Arvin Boollel
Distinguished dignitaries
My Colleagues from diplomatic corps
Ladies and Gentlemen

May I extend a very warm welcome to all of you as we celebrate the 73rd anniversary of India’s independence. We are greatly honoured by your presence this evening.

The world is a very different place from a year ago.

The last few months have thrown up serious challenges.

But these challenges are being overcome by a combined and determined effort.

It is remarkable how Mauritius has controlled the spread of this pandemic. The brave Mauritians are now engaged in managing an environmental emergency.

The spirit of Mauritius is indomitable.

May I congratulate the people and the Government of Mauritius and especially all the frontline workers who have been selflessly and courageously battling to save lives, livelihoods and ecosystems.

The pandemic and the oil spill have highlighted the importance of collective efforts to tackle our common challenges.

Friends and partners are stepping up to assist.
India is working closely with Mauritius to help manage the ongoing crisis.

The Indian Oil (Mauritius) Ltd. was able to assist in evacuation of 1000 T of fuel oil from the breached vessel.

Tomorrow an Indian aircraft will bring 30 tonnes of specialized equipment and a team of 10 personnel to assist the efforts.

Distinguished Guests,

Two weeks ago, Hon. Prime Minister Jugnauth and Prime Minister Modi jointly e-inaugurated the new Supreme Court building in Port Louis. It has been our privilege to be associated with this prestigious project dedicated to the Judiciary and the people of Mauritius.

Last October the two leaders had inaugurated the First phase of Metro Express and the new ENT Hospital.

The return of the Railways to Mauritius has been a landmark development. The Victoria terminal, barely a few hundred meters from here, this time in a modern avatar, is helping daily commuters and visitors to this beautiful Caudan waterfront.

It was heartening to see the new Hospital in Vacoas put to extensive use to manage the Covid outbreak.

We worked closely in supplies of essential and Ayurvedic medicines in recent difficult months. Our medical professionals also shared expertise and experience.

The pandemic has spurred further recognition of the multiple benefits of the ancient scientific wisdom of Yoga and traditional healing systems such as Ayurveda.

Whether it is a pandemic or an environmental emergency, India will always work with Mauritius to find solutions.

Distinguished guests,

India and Mauritius share a colonial past and are joined by unique Diaspora ties. India is, therefore, proud to be a part of the remarkable journey of Mauritius from being a colony to now becoming an Upper Income economy.

Both our countries celebrate diversity of ethnicities, faiths, languages, and cultures, and draw strength from being inclusive democracies with independent judiciary and a vibrant media.

There has always been close and regular engagement at our leadership level. The latest such meeting was in December our Prime Ministers met in New Delhi.

Earlier this year, the Government of India decided to honour Sir Anerood Jugnauth with Padma Vibhushan for his exceptional and lifelong distinguished public service and contribution to India-Mauritius friendship.

People-oriented development projects are an important aspect of our ties.
As Prime Minister Modi noted recently, Mauritius is at the heart of India’s development partnerships.

Our business linkages are broadening. In addition to the financial services sector, leading Mauritian corporates in textiles and energy are operating in India often with Indian partners.

Growing opportunities in higher education and professional training besides research linkages and tourism are bringing our younger generation closer.

In recent months, we have coordinated safe repatriation of stranded citizens. We wish to thank Air Mauritius and Air India, partners for more than five decades, for carrying out this challenging task in difficult times. In fact the first ever direct flight between our countries was operated 53 years ago this day in 1967 by Air India.

Distinguished Guests,

As maritime neighbours and we work closely on maritime safety and security, hydrography, disaster management, and surveillance to counter threats from piracy, illegal fishing and drugs, arms trafficking and terrorism.

It was in Mauritius that Prime Minister Modi had elaborated India’s vision for the Indian Ocean - as SAGAR – Security and Growth for All in the Region.

We also work together within the framework of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA). Earlier this year, India joined the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) as an Observer and we look forward to constructive cooperation with its member states.

Distinguished Guests,

India, with one sixth of the world’s population, today is confidently on the move, taking hundreds of millions of people towards prosperity.

Digital technologies are being deployed effectively to scale up solutions for financial inclusion, sustainable agriculture and e-governance.

From digital and bio-technologies; drugs & vaccines to renewable energy; space exploration to nuclear technologies, Indian researchers and companies are moving ahead.

Recent weeks have seen a spate of announcements of major investment decisions into India by some of the world’s top corporations.

Distinguished Guests,

India has always been a voice and a partner for fellow developing countries.

Today the world is facing a growing set of common challenges that require international collaboration more than ever.

India and Mauritius are working together on initiatives such as the International Solar Alliance and the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure.

India looks forward to contributing actively on a whole range of these issues in multilateral contexts, including during its upcoming tenure as an elected member of the UN Security Council and as the elected Chair of the Executive Board of the World Health Organisation.


We greatly value our very unique and special friendship with Mauritius.

On behalf of my Government and all my colleagues, may I thank all of you for joining us here this evening.

And to conclude, may I say

La main dan la main anou marche ensam

Vive l’amite entre l’Inde et Maurice !

Thank you

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