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Deployment of INS Teg to Mauritius

 High Commission of India
Port Louis


 (03 to 06 Jun 2017)

Indian Naval Ship Teg, a frontline Guided Missile Frigate of the Indian Navy (IN) arrived in Mauritius today completing the last leg of its unique mission of safely escorting/ towing newly acquired Mauritius Coast Guard Ship Valiant.  The MCGS Valiant has been built by Goa Shipyard Limited and was handed over to Government of Mauritius on 30 April 17. Both ships departed India on 25 May 17 and INS Teg safely escorted MCGS Valiant from Goa, India to Port Louis covering a distance of more than 2400 nautical miles. This marks another milestone in India's robust maritime partnership with Mauritius. The current deployment of INS Teg will further enhance India-Mauritius bilateral defence cooperation. Prior to its deployment to Mauritius, INS Teg has participated in many anti-piracy operations in Gulf of Aden, North West Indian Ocean. The ship has also undertaken various successful HADR (Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief) missions. INS Teg is commanded by Captain Nirbhay Bapna, VSM. The ship would depart Mauritius on 06 June 17.

03 June 2017
Port Louis

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