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Book Release Big Lie - Mrs. Shakuntala Havoldar

Book Release

Big Lie

Mrs. Shakuntala Havoldar

12 April 2019

Good evening everyone,

May I first of all thank Mrs. Havoldar for inviting me here today, to be part of this big occasion.

I arrived in this beautiful country only recently.

And it was only earlier this week that I met Mrs Havoldar for the first time.

I was immediately struck by her simplicity, her liveliness, her infectious enthusiasm and her charming personality.

I had confessed to her that I had not yet read her book. And wanted to know more about her life and about this book from her.

She shared with me about her inner urge and search for the deeper meanings of this life. The themes that recur with her – about the human condition and what makes us human. The social norms and ideals that are there and the compromises people make with themselves and others. And how disappointing that can be.

Her genuineness and passion is there for all to see.

I look forward to spending more time with her discussing with her many of these themes in a free flowing manner.

While I also look forward to reading the book, my colleague here who has read the book recommends it and found it free flowing and easy to read.

It is great to know you Mrs. Havoldar and thank you again for this invitation.

Best wishes.

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