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Visit of Indian Naval Ship INS 'Shardul' and Indian Coast Guard Ship ICGS 'Varuna' to Mauritius (October 17-21, 2009)

                 Indian Naval Ship, INS ‘Shardul’ and Indian Coast Guard Ship, ICGS ‘Varuna’ are scheduled to visit Mauritius from October 17-21, 2009. The ships belong to the elite No 1 Training Squadron of the Indian Navy based at Kochi. The Senior Officer and Squadron Commander of the Training Squadron, Captain G Prakash will head the delegation of ships. INS ‘Shardul’ will be commanded by Commander Raghunath K Nair and ICGS ‘Varuna’ will be commanded by Commandant Kalpit Dikshit.

2.   The ships’ crew will take part in a variety of activities whilst at Mauritius. Joint exercises at sea between the Indian Navy and the National Coast Guard of Mauritius and joint anti piracy patrols and surveillance in Mauritian EEZ are planned during the visit. Major emphasis will also be given to imparting training to the officers of the National Coast Guard of Mauritius and training sessions will be planned onboard the visiting ships on different facets of maritime operations.

3.  The ships will remain open for visit by the public on Sunday, October 18, 2009. The Indian Naval band will perform at the Caudan Waterfront on Sunday, October 18, 2009 and on Monday, October 19, 2009. The ships’ crew will undertake social activities like blood donation camp and community service at the Centre for Destitute Children, Forest side and also participate in sports matches with Mauritian Police Force. 

4.   India has a long-standing relationship with Mauritius in the field of hydrography and maritime cooperation. The Government of India fully supports Mauritius’ efforts in ensuring its maritime safety and security and has an active engagement with the Government of the Republic of Mauritius in this area.

5.  The Government of India has an ongoing and extensive training programme for personnel of the National Coast Guard of Mauritius.

6.  Over the last two years, Indian Naval (INS) and Coast Guard (ICGS) Ships have made friendly port calls in Mauritius.   ICGS ‘Samar’ visited Mauritius in August 2007,  INS ‘Karmuk’ and INS ‘Mumbai’ in April 2008; and INS ‘Tir’, INS ‘Krishna’ and ICGS ‘Varuna’ in September 2008. Besides, Hydrographic ship visits have included those by INS Sarvekshak in 2006 and 2007; INS Investigator in 2008; and INS Nirdeshak in 2009. 
7.  The current visit of the Indian Naval and Coast Guard Ships is expected to further develop the comprehensive co-operation between the Government of India and the Government of the Republic of Mauritius. It reflects the firm commitment and continued engagement of the India in further developing, consolidating and expanding the multidimensional cooperation between India and Mauritius.

Port Louis
October 15, 2009

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