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The fifth session of the Indo-Mauritian Joint Committee on Hydrography

February 8-11, 2010

The fifth session of the Indo-Mauritian Joint Committee on Hydrography was held from February 8-11, 2010. The inaugural session took place in the presence of the Minister of Housing and Lands of Mauritius, Dr Abu Kasenally and the High Commissioner of India, Mr. M. Ganapathi. Commodore K. M. Nair, Principal Director of Hydrography, and Commander T. P. Mahato, Joint Director of Hydrography, both from the National Hydrographic Office of India visited Mauritius to attend the deliberations. During the ceremony, the High Commissioner of India handed over to the Minister the navigational charts of Port Louis and its approaches, approaches to Port Mathurin, and Agalega.

The request to conduct hydrographic survey in Mauritian waters by an Indian Naval ship was reiterated by the Government of Mauritius and consequently, the modalities for the survey including the finalisation of the operational programme of the INS Nirdeshak, the Indian Naval Ship to carry out the surveys were worked out. Discussions  also focused on the setting up of a Hydrographic Unit in the Mauritian Ministry of Housing and Lands as well as on training requirements for the staff, the finalisation of a Memorandum of Understanding on the sale of electronic navigational charts, technical assistance and the renewal of the MoU for a further five-year period. Since the first meeting of the Joint Committee in January 2006, around 68 % of the Mauritius waters have been charted and surveyed by Indian Naval Ships.

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