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Supply and Installation of furniture and Kitchen equipment for the Chancery & Staff Residences for the High Commission of India in Mauritius

25 October 2019

High Commission of India

Port Louis


1. SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF FURNITURE AND KITCHEN EQUIPMENT FOR THE CHANCERY & STAFF RESIDENCES FOR THE INDIAN HIGH COMMISSION IN MAURITIUS, for and on behalf of President of India invites tender from contractors of repute for the following work:

Name of Work


Built up area


Period of Construction





8100 m²


154 Days, scheduled in Phase I and Phase II completion.


2. Contractors who fulfil the following requirements shall be eligible to apply. These criteria are indicative. Exact details are available in tender documents.

a. Should have satisfactorily completed one number Fit Out work and Furniture in Mauritius of value not less than MUR 50 Million as single venture or as joint venture. The date of completion should not be prior to 01-11-2009 as per details in tender.

b. Should have satisfactorily completed three similar works each costing not less than MUR

30 million (excluding VAT) or two works each costing not less than MUR 40 million (excluding VAT) or one work costing not less than MUR 50 Million (excluding VAT) of the same nature as per details in tender.

c. Should have average annual financial turnover of MUR 100 million (excluding VAT) on Fit

Out and Furniture works as per details in tender

d. Bidding company should be a profit-making company and should not have incurred any loss during three years of the last five years.

e. Should have a bank solvency of MUR 20 million (excluding VAT) as per details in tender.

f. Joint ventures shall be considered as per details in tender.

3. The tender document shall be available in electronic version on the website at Full_Bidding_Doc. Tender documents shall be issued by

The High Commission of India MAURITIUS

6th Floor, LIC Building, John Kennedy Street

Port Louis, Mauritius

4. Tender Security -The Tenderer must submit with his Tender the Tender Security/EMD/Tender Bond in the sum of MUR 1.00 Million or INR 1.90 Million or USD 29,000. EMD/Tender Bond shall be acceptable by bank transfer/bank draft/Pay order in favour of Head of Chancery, High Com- mission of India, Mauritius or bank guarantee (as per enclosed proforma in Tender Document Section I). The other terms and conditions related with the EMD/Tender Bond shall remain same as mentioned in the tender document.

The tender security/EMD/Tender Bond shall remain valid for a period of One Hundred Eighty

(180) days from last date of submission of tender.

5. (i) Integrity Pact Security Deposit - The tenderer must submit with his Tender an Integrity Pact Security Deposit in the sum of MUR 100000 or USD 2900 or INR 190000 to Employer in the form of a local commercial Bank guarantee in favour of Employer (High Commission of India in Mauritius). This Integrity Pact Security Deposit must be valid for Five (5) Years with effect from the due last date of submission of Tender or any extended period and shall be as per the proforma annexed with the tender documents. This will be kept valid by the successful bidder (To whom the Contract shall be awarded) for an initial period of 5 years or upto the completion of defects liability period, whichever is later. The Integrity Pact Security Deposit of unsuccessful bidder will be returned after the award of work.

(ii) Integrity Pact Agreement - The tenderer must submit duly signed integrity pact agreement with the tender.

6. Tender documents supported with prescribed annexures should be submitted in sealed envelope duly super scribed with the name of work and due date of opening. The document will be received up to 3.00 PM on Thursday 14 November 2019 and will be opened on the same day at 3.30 PM.

7. If any information furnished by the applicant is found incorrect at a later stage, he/she shall be liable to be debarred from the tendering process. The High Commissioner reserves the right to verify the particulars furnished by the applicant independently.

8. The High Commission of India, Mauritius reserves the right to reject any tender and to annul the tendering process and reject all tenders at any time prior to Contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to tenderers.

9. The tender notice is also published on

(C. Ramkumar)

Head of Chancery,

High Commission of India,

6th Floor, LIC Building,

President John Kennedy Street, P.O Box 162, Port Louis, Mauritius

Ph No. +230 2083775

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