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Invitation for Tender for Hiring of Local Security Guards (LSGs) for new Chancery and Residential Complex of High Commission of India at Ebene

High Commission of India

Port Louis


Dated 15 June 2020


Invitation for Tender for Hiring of Local Security Guards (LSGs) for the new Chancery and Residential Complex at Ebene.

The High Commission of India invites sealed Proposals/quotations from reputed, experienced and financially sound Security Agencies registered under relevant Mauritius Companies law which can provide ‘Local Security Guards at the Chancery and residences complex of High Commission of India situated at Ebene initially a period of one year. The Agency should have a minimum of 5 years experience in the field as on 31 January 2020.

2. The sealed envelopes should be addressed to ‘Head of Chancery, 6th Floor, LIC Building, President John Kennedy Street, P.O. Box 162, Port Louis, Mauritius. The last date to submit the tender document is 15 July 2020 by 1500 hrs. The bids will be opened on 15 July 2020 at 1530 hrs at the Conference Room, High Commission of India, LIC Building, Port Louis.

3. Scope of Work – Security of Chancery/Residential Complex

The Chancery and residences complex have boundary wall of height 3 meters and is topped with a fencing of one meter. The complex will have three gates, namely Gate No.1, and 2 for daily use and Gate No. 3 as an emergency exit. The Security Guards should possess the training in basic security duties such as access control and anti-sabotage checks of persons, baggage and vehicles. The security personnel should be trained to monitor the basic security tools such as Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD), body scan with Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD), if needed, and X-Ray scan of bags followed by visual search if needed, CCTV Camera/monitoring, baggage and letter scanner etc. Guards should know to operate the electronic sliding gate and the hydraulic blocks for vehicles. He should be thoroughly proficient and trained in handling of arms and other security equipments they are supposed to carry or use.

Duties of guards to man the gates will be 24x7 and they should be able to position themselves in state of readiness during the entire office hours.

One Guard should be on patrol duty for 24x7.

LSG should monitor visitors to Consular hall/VIP alighting point (at the main reception) and undertake periodic patrol duty to parking area, main drive passage, piazza, multi-purpose hall area and entry passage to residences.

The people visiting for consular services should be checked properly and also guided by LSG to the consular hall.

4. Eligibility Criteria

The bidder must be registered under the Mauritius Companies Act and should have all applicable/appropriate licenses in their own name.

All the workers shall be insured with the insurance policy. This will be done at the Companies’ cost.

LSGs should not be more than 50 years of age.

LSGs should be physically and mentally fit and should be not suffering from any apparent disability. Medical fitness certificate from authorized medical practitioner should be provided in case of each employer.

Service provider would be required to provide verified record, character and antecedents of each Guards vetted by Local Government Security Department(s).

LSGs should have training in basic security duties such as access control and anti-sabotage checks (of persons, baggage and vehicles) including use of basic security tools such as HHMD, DFMD, CCTV monitoring, baggage and letter scanner etc. Further, he should possess knowledge of potential threats to a foreign Mission/Post in general terms and also knowledge of what is “suspicious” in terms of men and material in the given local context.

LSGs should have a minimum qualification of 10th standard or matriculation equivalent.

LSGs should be proficient in the local language and have working knowledge of English to communicate with High Commission personnel.

LSGs appearance should be neat and clean and performs duties in proper uniform.

LSGs should be thoroughly proficient and trained in handling of arms and other security equipments he supposed to carry or use during the duty period.

Service provider should equip the security guards with necessary security devices such as radio equipment (for communication), arms etc., as per requirements.

Service provider should have a routine check of functioning of LSGs to ensure that the supplied LSGs are discharging their duties efficiently and as per High Commission’s requirements. Service provider should occasionally do the surprise checks/visits to monitor workings of supplied Guards.

Service provider should agree and able to provide choice of persons three times our requirement to interview and choose from. Further, the service provider should be ready to rotate the LSGs supplied every four months or whenever High Commission request for such rotation.

Service Provider would be required to provide complimentary 5 local security guards twice a year for National Day celebrations at the High Commission premises.

5. Quality Parameters for Service Provider Companies:

Service provider is also requested to provide following information along with supporting documents:

List of other clients/range of security the Company is serving in terms of supply of LSGs in Mauritius and other countries.

Past experiences, service history, achievements of the company as Security Service Provider.

Registration Documents of the company under the relevant statutory regulations such as labor laws applicable in Mauritius.

Size of reserve pool of men and logistics such as response teams, patrol vehicles/security equipments/control room facilities/communications equipments under use etc.

Whether the service provider has its own training facility to its personnel or availing facilities being given to its security guards.

Details/documentary proof of pay and allowances, gratuity and leave facilities being given to its security guards.

Attrition rate of security guards and security supervisors of the company.

Industry certification obtained by the company for its quality of service i.e. certificates issued by ISO or other specialized security certification bodies.

Scope and limit of liability of the company as well as take home pay and allowances of the security guards.

The duration of the contract will be for a period of one year with a clause to renew the contract for an equivalent period subject to satisfactory performance.

5. Number of Personnel to be Posted at Site/Timings of Work

Total Manpower- 4 (Four)

Working Days - Monday to Sunday (24x7).

No Public holidays.

Requirement/Placement of Security Guards


Duty Point


Shift of Duty

No. of LSGs per shift

Total No. of LSGs

Unit Price

Per month (to be indicated in MUR an d USD


Chancery Gate No. 2

0800-2000 hrs.

01 shift lasting for 12 hrs.(working days)





Chancery Gate/Residential complex No. 1

Round the clock

Shift 1:





Shift 2:

2000-0800 hrs




6. Termination of Contract

The tendering authority (High Commission of India) reserves the right to terminate the contract not necessarily giving any reason with or without one month notice.

The High Commission may, by written notice sent to the service provider, terminate the contract, in whole or in part at any time without assigning any reasons for its convenience.

7. Validity

The Tender document shall be valid for 90 days from the date of submission by the bidders. A tender valid for a shorter period shall stand rejected.

8. Visit of Site

The site of work will be open for Inspection/discussions, if required, can be during office hours 10.00 to 13.00 hrs on working days.

9. General Instructions for Submission of Tender

The tenders should be submitted in two sealed covers – the first sealed cover should be marked “Technical Bid” To be opened by addressee only and second sealed cover marked “Financial Bid”- To be opened by addressee only”. Both the sealed covers should be placed in the main sealed envelope superscribed “Tender for Security Services at Chancery Building and Residential Complex at Ebene” and addressed to ‘Head of Chancery, 6th Floor, LIC Building, President John Kennedy Street, P.O. Box 162, Port Louis, Mauritius. For any queries or clarifications, please send an email to or call at 5259-6416.

(C. Ramkumar)

First Secretary/Head of Chancery


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