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Fact Sheet


Mauritius was named after the Dutch Prince Maurice Van Nassau.


Port Louis


Latitude 20º south of the equator, Longitude 57.5º east


2040 km sq


1.2 million including Rodrigues and outer islands


+4 hours Greenwich Mean Time ,+3 hours mid-European time.


The white beaches are protected by coral reef almost all around except for the southern coast that offers wilder strands or dramatic cliffs. From the northern plains, the land rises to a central plateau dotted by lakes and extinct volcanic craters. A few uninhabited islets area scattered around the main island.



Month: November - April
Temparature: 23ºc to 33ºc

Month: May - October
Temparature:17ºc to 23ºc

Occasional Cyclones:
Wettest months: December to March

Annual Rainfall:
900 mm on the coast
1500 mm on the central plateau

Sea Temperature:
22ºc to 27ºc.


English is the official language. French and Creole are commonly used. Hindi & Bhojpuri are also spoken.
Many hotel employees are fluent in German, Italian and Spanish. The Mauritian literacy rate hovers around 90%.


Democratic state based on the Westminster model.
62 Members of Parliament elected every 5 years.
The President is the head of the state but constitutional power is vested in the Prime Minister and the Cabinet


The Mauritian Economy rests on four main pillars : Tourism, Sugar, Textile and the Services Sector.


International Direct Dialing facilities available.
International phone cards available at retail shops.
Post offices operate in most towns and villages.
Internet services are easily available at cybercafés and GSM networks.
Most hotels provide postal and internet services


In the multi-ethnic culture of Mauritius, Hinduism,Christianity, Islam and Buddhism co-exist peacefully.


The Mauritian Rupee (Rs)
Coins : 5c, 20c, 50 c , Rs 1 , Rs 5 & Rs 10
Notes : Rs 25 , Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 200, Rs 500, Rs 1000, Rs 2000
Change counters at the airport
Foreign currency notes, drafts, travellers cheques and other banking instruments may be carried to Mauritius without restriction.

Working Hours

Private Sector : Monday to Friday : 08 30 - 16.15 Saturday : 09 00 - 12.00 (some offices)
Public Sector : Monday to Friday : 09 00 - 16 00 Saturday : 09 00 - 12.00 (Reduced Staff)

Banking Hours

Monday to Thursday: 09 15 - 15.15 
Friday 09 15 - 17 00
Banks operate at the arrival and departure of international flights at the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport

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